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Isolation & Tweaks, Tubes, Racks, Stands
AC power conditioner, AC cables
Frequently ask questions

Q. How much does it cost to list an item on

            A. All listings are a $3.00


Q. Does take an additional % of my sales?

            A. No


Q. Who can be a seller on

            A. Anyone can register and sell on our site


Q. Who can be a buyer on

            A. Anyone can register and buy on our site


Q. Can a dealer list and sell items on

            A. Yes


Q. What if I live outside the US, can I buy & sell on

            A. Yes


Q. Can I have more than one account on

            A. No


Q. What is the length of time for a listing on

            A. 30 days


Q. When will my listing expire?

            A. On the 30th day unless you decide to terminate your listing earlier


Q. How do I list an item on

            A. Just click on Sell and follow the listing page


Q. Can I renew a listing for an item that did not sell?

            A. Yes you can


Q. Can I change the order of my listings?

            A. Yes


Q. Can I edit or delete an existing listing?

            A. Yes just go to My account and click on item listing


Q. How can I mark an item as SOLD

            A. No, the item is marked as sold when payment is made


Q. Can I list an item without becoming a registered member of

            A. No



Q. Can I purchase an item without being a registered member of         

A. No


Q. How do I register on

            A. just click on login and you will be able to register as new user


Q. Is there a fee to register and become a member of

            A.  NO


Q. How am I billed for listing an item on

            A. Through Paypal


Q. What are acceptable forms of payment?

            A. Paypal account or Credit card through Paypal system


Q. Can I “trade” with another member?

            A. Yes, this type of transaction usually done between 2 members


Q. What happens after I sell an item on
            A. You just go to My account and under item listing just

                Simply delete your listing and exchange feedbacks


Q. How do I pay for an item on

            A. Via Paypal, check, money order depending of

                 What payment type the seller is accepting


Q. How do I get paid when I sell an item on

            A. Buyer should follow your payment method instructions


Q. Can I send a PayPal invoice directly to my buyer?

            A. Yes through Paypal


Q. How do I view my feedback on

            A.Go to my account and click on My feedback


Q. How can I leave feedback for someone else?

            A. Yes, go to My account and click on leave feedback


Q. Can I dispute, delete or edit feedback?

            A. Yes. Please write to:



Q. What if I forget my login and/or password?

            A. Just write to


Q. What are Forums on

            A. Forums are a venue where members can discuss, share and review

                 Audio and music products


Q. How do I start a Forum discussion?

            A. just register and you can join any forum as well as start new topics



Q. What if there is something inappropriate, malicious or profane in a Forum?

A. We monitor our forums regularly but you can submit your concerns to:


Q. How can I place a ‘banner’ ad on

            A.Go to My account and click on Add top Banner or Right Banner


Q. How much does a ‘banner’ ad cost?

            A. See price on listing screen


Q. How long will my ‘banner’ ad run on

            A. 30 days


Q. How do I report system issues?

A. Email us at, the Team will do our best to fix any issues as quick as possible!


Q. How do I contact a seller about an item?

            A. Just click on Send email box showing on member listing


Q. How do I contact



Q. Does have a mobile app?

            A. Not yet (Coming Soon)


Please submit all your questions to:

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